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Post instantly

Press Flic to post your status or your location using Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, Life360, email or anything else you can come up with

IFTTT Recipe: I'm going for lunch, who's coming?  connects flic to slack IFTTT Recipe: I'm here right now!  connects flic to twitter IFTTT Recipe: Family: Dinner is ready! connects flic to life360

Track your journey

Found a nice spot? Put Flic in your Car or on your Bike and press it to save your location for a better time.

IFTTT Recipe: Text me my location connects flic to sms IFTTT Recipe: Remember this spot connects flic to evernote IFTTT Recipe: Track your journey connects flic to google-drive

Powerful combinations

Combine several IFTTT Recipes together, with the built-in functions in the Flic App to create powerful combinations with a single click.

Play dance playlist
IFTTT Recipe: Dance with us, light connects flic to philips-hue IFTTT Recipe: Flic to log that you are Pumped UP! connects flic to up-by-jawbone IFTTT Recipe: EmergencyDanceParty, right here, right now!  connects flic to twitter

Motivate yourself

Use flic as your motivation. Click to get cheered up with Instawell, save money with Qapital, or to track your bad habits with Beeminder.

IFTTT Recipe: Get cheered up  connects flic to instawell IFTTT Recipe: $5 to the travel account!  connects flic to qapital IFTTT Recipe: Smoke less! (or pay the $)  connects flic to beeminder

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